The Year of Clear Vision

IMG_6334Here we are a month into 2020. This is a big year. In this year, I will turn 60, which is a little hard to fathom, because my grandmothers are 60, not me. Let me try that again. My grandmothers are both long gone. If they were alive, they would both be over 100. But, in my mind, they will always be 60. That is a grandma age, not a Lisa age. Ha! Think again, little child.

This is an election year. Let us pray that we get our country back from the narcissists and  the oligarchs and the idiots. We can do this. Let us do the work that needs to be done so that everyone has a living wage, affordable health care, and a roof over their heads.

Let’s make it be that children feel safe in their schools. Let’s wake up and protect our Mother Earth. She needs us! Like the wall art in Palermo, Sicily says,  Basta Plastica in Mare (Enough Plastic in the Sea.)

2020. This is going to be the year of clear, sharp vision and also coming full circle, back around to the things we were always meant to do. For me, this has to do with my writing. I think there are good things in store, not just for poet-Lisa, but story-writer-Lisa, and blogger-Lisa, and essayist-Lisa I’m not saying it’s ALL going to happen all at once, I’m saying I am suddenly very aware that I have limited time on this planet and I need to get everything done that I came here to do. I’m starting now.

I wish for you that whatever you have been dreaming of for years will come to pass, that you will make a pledge to yourself to get things done, and to be your very best self. The time is now. It’s 2020! Clear vision. Full circle. Go!

2 thoughts on “The Year of Clear Vision

  1. Wishing you clarity, Lisa. I’m glad to know you, glad for your thoughtfulness and the openness with which you share your struggles and successes. Big plans ahead!!

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