What Friends Do

I am so touched by the fact that wherever there are friends, there is help.  Tonight, I got to find out who some of my friends are, friends I didn’t even exactly know I had. Now I know. Now, this will never be forgotten.  And next time any one of them needs a little extra something done, I’ll be first in line to do it. This is what friends do.

I put out the word at work a few days ago that I needed some helpers at the UW-Sheboygan Fine Art Gallery to hold large pieces of paper still and straight while the gallery director would be stapling them to the wall. I had several people jump forward right away to lend a hand. This was very touching to me. I’ve been stressing out about this project for days, not sure if I had selected the right drawings; not sure where each one should be placed; not sure stapling them to the wall would do them justice.

My son Owen helped me get all the small work out of storage and over to the gallery before the appointed time for the volunteers to arrive. This was good because he and I laid out these smaller pieces so that the larger work (already on campus awaiting this day) would find its rightful place in the installation.

photo_1 (3)As each drawing was unrolled and carefully placed on the wall, I could feel Georg right there, helping us, and being pleased with the placement of things. One large abstract drawing was unsigned, so it was somewhat unclear which end was up. But, we all walked around it a few times and came to the same conclusion. Together, the group of us figured it out. Georg agreed.

Two of the friends, Karl and Brenda, actually met Georg once last summer. We all had dinner together at Stefano’s. It was a lovely evening and I will never forget that Karl said to Dad, “when you are settled in, I would like to come see your studio.” Unfortunately, Georg never settled in and that never happened.

photo_4The other friends had never met Georg, but I could just feel that if Dad was there, he would have had them all over to the studio afterwards for dinner. They would have been his friends if he could have met them. He would have made (earlier in the day) a Greek moussaka and a big salad. There would have been some garlic bread too, and something with chocolate in it for dessert.

I teared up several times, but I’m pretty sure no one knew. If they read this, they know now. And, I was not able to make a Georg feast. I could only do the next best thing, and that was to take everyone out for pizza.

Even if you don’t have time to cook, you still have to feed your helpers. That is what Georg taught me. That is what friends do.

photo_3 (3)

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