In Regards to Dandelion Fluff

Author’s note: And so I stand corrected. My dandelion fluff is actually cottonwood fluff. We live, we learn. I will leave my misidentification of this botanical item as is. Another friend remarked it appears to be fairy dust. It is all these things and more, I think. A veritable plethora of identities… lv

IMG_1702Is it just me or is there a plethora of dandelion fluff in the air these days? There seems to be more than usual. When I was running this morning, it was everywhere, floating on the air like snow. I was struck by how the fluff does not ask where the wind is carrying it. It doesn’t worry about getting planted somewhere.The fluff is confident it will blossom into a bright yellow dandelion soon enough. It asks no questions. It just goes.

I am reminded of my job search, and how I need to just keep going forward with it. Recently, I had a couple really interesting prospects, but both of those employers have passed on me. I was sad about this for approximately four minutes, and then I decided I had to get right back on the proverbial horse and keep looking. Lord knows, I have learned how to deal with rejection by sending out my poetry. I have learned that being rejected does not mean I am not worthy. It just means that that was not the right publication for my poem, or the right job for me. Something better is out there yet. I just have to find it.

In the last 24 hours, I have revamped my entire resume and also started to build a website devoted to all my various accomplishments as a writer. I’ve started the application process at a temp agency. I’ve opened up some leads related to using poetry as a means for growth and healing (more on this later, should it actually pan out.) I have a writing test to take that might set up me up to write for an online educational resource for high school students. I’m really excited about that one. Truth be told, I’m enthusiastic about all of it.

I’ve gone from yesterday’s rejections to a whole new array of potentialities. This is kind of envigorating. Ask me again in a week. This whole thing is a roller coaster ride for sure. I know I will feel better about being in “exploration mode” if I can get some temp jobs going. That will really help.

It is Wednesday, not Thursday. Usually, I am internally nudged to write on Thursday, because that is the day that Georg died. As you know, I like to write in his memory. This week, too much is happening to wait until Thursday. I think I am transitioning out of the world of grief over his passing into a new world where I find he is eternally present.

He is present when I catch a glimpse of the lake in all its blue glory. He is present when I have friends over for a meal that I have prepared for them, or in the taste of certain foods, like a dish made with zucchini, tomato sauce, and a bit of cinnamon. He is present in the feather on the ground by my car. He is, as he always has been, everywhere.

Heck, he could very well be in the dandelion fluff. Maybe that is why there is so much of it this year, to remind me that his love is boundless and his creative energy is truly everywhere, just waiting for me to gather it up and share it with the world.


3 thoughts on “In Regards to Dandelion Fluff

  1. It’s cottonwood fluff, but no matter that. You are seeing your world anew, Lisa. Running every day has this effect, and so does freedom from a 9-5 job. When I first started running, I called it my “garden tour” because I got to know how everything grew in my neighborhood and then later how the seasons changed and finally ran enough that I knew how the years changed. Heck. I probably watched cottonwood fluff grow into (small) trees! Enjoy!

    1. Oh my gosh! Cottonwood fluff! I stand corrected. Thank you for pointing this out my dear. You are right, though. It is definitely a new world!

  2. A Haiku for you:
    Cottonwood is terrible stuff indeed
    Unless of course you celebrate July Christmas
    But still it’s so annoying

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