Taking Care

winter-landscapeMaybe it is just the cold and the snow, but I have become infinitely tired of late. No matter how much sleep I get, how well I eat, how mindful I am about everything going on in my life, I feel exhausted. I am not sure what’s up. I do have a lot of things I am trying to do related to organizing Georg’s world. I am trying to get all this stuff moved into a more appropriate storage space (where it will still be accessible), build him a new website, have a memorial for him in Detroit. What else? Is that not enough?

For a while there, I was feeling like a lot of progress was being made. When progress was being made, (or when I perceived progress), I felt better. Right now, I feel mired in too much to do. This happens. The only cure is to keep doing things. It is difficult sometimes, to keep the spirits up when the blanket of overwhelm sets in. But, I really have no choice. Most importantly, I know Dad would not want me to stress about these things.

I keep thinking about the far distant future. What will happen to all his art and other stuff when I am not here to take care of it? But, that is not a helpful question. I cannot ask that question right now. What will happen to anything when I am not here to take care of it?

Right now, just take care of what I can take of. That is really all I can ever do.

4 thoughts on “Taking Care

  1. some days I just make a list, By making it and organizing my thoughts I can then decided what my next step will be. Overwhelming thoughts creep in when there is no way to complete/see the end. By refocusing on the next step (that I decide to make or take)keeps me from spiraling. Just like the onion.:) So much of what comes to us has no clear end.

    1. Thank you, Christy. Yes. The list. I have been keeping it mentally in my head, but your comment reminds me how important it is to write things down and then cross them off as they occur. That really helps. I love what you said, “So much of what comes to us has no clear end.” Wow. Yes. Thank you. Have an oniony-good day!

  2. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, some days that’s all you can do. Thanks for publishing this, i certainly can relate to it.

    1. For sure, Dick. Thank goodness we only have two feet. If we had several, it would get a lot more complicated to simply put “one in front of the other,” eh? Hope you are doing well.

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