When Will We Learn?

Dear Dad,

Today is Thursday, so I want to write to you. On the day Pete Seeger died, I was busy writing a blog post about the progression of consciousness. As this song of his expresses so eloquently, everything is cyclical, and comes back around.

Hopefully, with each spin of the wheel, we go higher up in awareness. Not just around and around the same footworn path for endless years, making the same mistakes. We should spiral. Up. Thank you to you and mom for playing songs like this for me when I was a little girl. I credit poetry like this for shaping who I am today.

And, because I am a crazy, hopeless romantic, I imagine that this weekend, you are hosting a great soiree wherever you are. You are cooking a big meal for Lou, Richie, Nelson and all the other souls who have moved on in recent time. Pete will sing and there will be great laughter and discussion about the state of art, heaven, hell, and the world. Have a wonderful time. I will try, as well.


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