A Poem for December

I vowed that I would move Poem of the Month (formerly Lisa’s Poem of the Week) here, to frolick among the onions. So, here is a poem that I wrote recently when a friend gave me the first two lines. We have been sharing openings this way in order to see where they lead us. When he gave me this opening, I did not expect the poem to go the way it did.

The Balloon

My head is a balloon,
I bound it to my body with a knot.
I would like to let it go,
but it’s tied so tight
that I cannot.

Instead, I lift my feet
and let my whole self float.
I slip quite by accident
from the child’s hand.
I go where all balloons go.

I leave my little keeper
on the ground to cry. It hurts
her so, but not me. It hurts her
to stay there on the ground,
but she should smile, for I am free.

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